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Using SHERPA RoMEO to check for Copyright Agreements

Please view this 5-minute video for directions on using SHERPA RoMEO.

  1. Go to SHERPA RoMEO.
  2. Enter in the journal’s title and click “Search”.
  3. Read the information available.
  4. Look for instructions on uploading to an institutional repository.
  5. If the journal requires a pre-print version, you may upload the pre-peer review manuscript version.
  6. If it requires a post-print version, you may upload the post-peer review version. This is different from the publisher’s pdf version in that there is no journal formatting, journal logos, etc. Also called the Accepted Manuscript.
  7. If the publisher requires you to include a set statement with the submission to the institutional repository, visit the publisher’s website. Their rules are often linked to on the Copyright line in the SHERPA RoMEO entry.
    1. Search for author rights, or publisher agreement
    2. Read the fine print associated with uploading your article to an institutional repository.
    3. You can include set statements or links to the final pdf if requested in the Copyright Status field in the ScholarsArchive submission form.
  8. If SHERPA RoMEO doesn’t have information on your journal, go to the journal’s website and search for information.
  9. If they don’t have information available, email or call them and ask what their policies are on uploading published articles to the author’s institutional repository.
  10. If you have additional questions, contact,, or BYU’s copyright office (801-422-9339 or