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Terms of Use

Collection Criteria

A. Purpose

ScholarsArchive is Brigham Young University’s open access institutional repository for the scholarly and creative content produced by BYU faculty, staff, and students. The repository is designed to make material such as research, publications, data, and historical documents openly available.

B. Privacy Statement

The Harold B. Lee Library and ScholarsArchive staff are committed to preserving the privacy of contributors. Personal information will not be used for any purposes beyond ScholarsArchive.

C. Collection Guidelines

ScholarsArchive is a repository of open access materials of scholarly, academic, historic, or non-commercial interest. Multiple text, audio, and video formats are accepted. All materials will be reviewed before posting. The following materials fit within the collection guidelines of the repository:


Research materials and publications (working papers, preprints, articles, books, databases, etc.), presentations, data sets, etc.


Published articles or materials, honors theses, academic posters, senior projects or performances, grant-funded projects, etc. Regular class papers are generally not included.


Special lectures, newsletters, conference proceedings/events (maps, programs, submissions), etc.


Journals produced or edited by BYU faculty, staff, or students (submission workflows, past issues, future issues, etc.).

Submission Criteria

A. Copyright

  1. All materials in ScholarsArchive must be either in the public domain or openly available to users. If materials are protected by copyright, viewers must be able to view, download, and print your content. You are invited to get a Creative Commons license if applicable.
  2. For copyright protected materials, you should contact the copyright holder for permission before including them. If you need assistance to secure permission, you can get more information from the Copyright Licensing Office or the ScholarsArchive staff (email or Documentation of permissions you obtain should be kept permanently – either in your own files or uploaded with your submission.
  3. Any notifications of copyright infringement will be referred to the Copyright Licensing Office for processing.

B. Copyright Use Information

Please visit our copyright use page for complete information.

C. Withdraw Criteria

  1. ScholarsArchive is designed to make content openly available. However, the following circumstances may merit the withdrawal of materials:
    1. An article already in ScholarsArchive is published with a publisher that doesn’t allow earlier versions to be available in an open access institutional repository.
    2. The author sends ScholarsArchive (via or a more recent or accurate (i.e. the author discovered that some of their statistical analyses were inaccurate) version of the material (Theses and Dissertations are subject to additional approval from the student’s department and the Graduate Studies office.).
    3. A copyright owner contacts the Copyright Licensing Office and/or the ScholarsArchive staff and requests to withdraw the material due to possible copyright violations.
  2. Any requests for withdrawal will be reviewed.